20 Year Snapshot of my life: the highs & low points (Episode 1)

Timeline & self-awareness 

Did you ever take the time to draw a timeline of your life?  In the following blog posts, I will take you on the journey of my life, I want to share with you the high points and the low points.  What comes down must go up, it’s the logical cycle in life.  After rain, comes sunshine, after a financial crash markets will recover. 

I experienced the same in my life.  When you draw your life on a timeline it will help you with your self-awareness. You don’t always realize what man can do during a certain period in his life, visualize it and it will become clear.  Time fly’s bye and events happen, you accomplish goals and objectives, you fail, you get beaten-up, you stand-up, recover and refocus on the targets.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 

When sharing my life experience with you, I hope I’ll help you to become a better person on a personal and professional point of view.  There is nothing more inspiring, than knowing this knowledge shared becomes an inspiration for you in the future. 

I have made a snapshot of the last 20 years of my life starting from my time as a student up to where I am now.  I will tell you about the failures and accomplishments.  To be honest, writing them down made me even more aware of the journey and lessons that I learned over the years.  Make sure you don’t miss all the blog stories in the coming weeks.  I suggest that you do the same exercise along the way, you will be surprised at what you have overcome and accomplished. 

The mentor 

You will also notice that the people that come along on your path have an influence, in either a positive or negative way.  In those 20 years I always followed examples in life and looked up to them.  In times you let yourself surrounded by positive people things seem to go well.  Fortunately, I tend to connect to people that have that same kind of ambition to improve their lives, that are positive, people with a good work ethic. 

My biggest example 

The biggest example is my father, he always gave the example to work hard.  I remember that my father during a certain period in his life had several jobs at the same time.  He was working morning shifts in a factory, evening shifts in another company as a truck driver, and during the weekend helping his brother on the farm.  During the week he left home at 4 am and came back from work at 10.30 pm.  He earned good money but it had also an impact on the quality time with the family, my parents couldn’t always be there when I had that important football match.  On the other hand, we had everything we needed in our childhood. 

After that time my mother started her own coffee shop together with her stepsister.   They had homemade waffles, pancakes, ice-cream, and different kind of pies my father took a step back to help her with the business.  The coffee shop opened early in the morning and closed around midnight, they ran the business without extra employees, on occasions mostly at weekends I helped at the bar.  In this period, my younger sister and me where often home alone, and because of that we learned to be independent and take responsibility. 

My parents always worked hard and did long hours, they have exchanged their time for money with little to no time left for amusement.  Our vacation consisted out of a couple of day trips, a day to the beach, visiting a museum or city, or going to an amusement park.  My parents and especially my father didn’t like traveling.  What they really where passionate about was gardening, you could really see that they had fun cultivating nature.  

For me, my parents are the best example, from both my mother and father I inherited the mindset that hard work is needed in order to succeed.  The fact that my mother started her own business when she was over 40 has witnessed that she wanted to finish her career as her own boss, my father combining multiple jobs to provide the family in their needs is something I will never forget. 

Exchanging time for money 

Would you change the whole of your career your time for money?  For myself it took me a couple of years to switch my mindset from what I always have been seeing from my parents.  My father’s message was always, work hard, get a university degree and you will find a good job with a nice salary.  I have a huge respect for my parents, I am grateful for the education and values they gave me, but now, we have so many opportunities, that we are forced to think differently than compared to what vision our parents had. 

For people that didn’t read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” from Robert Kiyosaki, I highly recommend you read this bestseller.  I must admit that I realized after reading the book that most people, me included corresponded more to the profile of the “Poor Dad” in the book.  It’s simply a question to change the mindset. 

Another motivational speaker named Jim Rohn stated it as followed:  Profits are better than wages.  Wages make you a living which is fine.  Profits make you a fortune which is superfine.  Generally, people work hard and change their time for money, but never think about how to have the money work for them than doing the work yourself.  In my blogs you will learn how to quit this mindset like I did and change your life drastically. 

The Choice 

Now we have the choice!  We can do it more efficiently; we can go on the internet and ask google; we can instruct ourselves easier today than it was before.  We can inspire other people and encourage them to get out of their comfort zone and become more aware of their capabilities to grow above themselves.  Later I will explain to you in detail and with examples how to have money work for you instead of working for money.  For me the traditional way felt some kind of wrong, that is why I started to experiment.  It took me finally more than 20 years to shift the mindset completely.  As I am sharing my experience in this blog, I prevent you from taking also 20 years to realize this. 

Some people refuse to believe and stick to the “working for money”-way and that is OK, if everybody would know the trick, it would not be fun anymore.  It’s up to you to make the choice, you decide where to go with your life. 

So far, the introduction of this 20-years snapshot series in which I will share with you the high points, low points, and lessons learned from real life.  For sure after the 20 years, my journey doesn’t stop, because when you stop learning you stop growing!  In my next post, I will talk about my first important accomplishment in my life, which is getting my master’s degree and learning another language in an original and creative way. 

See you in the next blog. 

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