Jean-Paul CARDON


I am Jean-Paul and since November 2019 I plugged-in to a platform (SFM) which enabled me to learn, grow and to be part of a community with like minded people.  If you landed on this page and you seek to work on becoming the better version of yourself than you are on the right place.

Before I started with this online business I was watching a lot of streaming series and movies on television in my spare time, it’s still feels fine from time to time to watch a good movie but not in quantities as I used to do before, giving me a bad feeling.  I would rather like to spent my precious time differently and feel useful to society and my own personal development.

I started looking for possibilities to use my time in a more effective way and found this online business model that exactly provides the opportunity to learn and grow, and on top of that provides the possibility of earning an extra income.  That does make much more sense to me and my life.  The possibilities seems to be endless and thus unreal but I believe I can do it, that’s why I am undertaking action now to enlighten the entrepreneur in my self & to kick-off my own side business.  Life is now!

My Story

I was born in 1976 in Dendermonde, Belgium and had a fantastic childhood.  The first years I mainly grew up at the farm of my grandfather where I drove the tractor, proud as a little boy.  We worked with livestock and the farm was know for it’s famous potatoes, which had a success in our small village.  I still remember the taste of that fresh and crispy carrot that I eat after gathering it from the land.  I always liked to be close to nature and animals.

Growing up I became interested in mechanics in general, I was always creating something with my hands.   Once I made a bicycle from old parts I found on the scrap yard.  Being occupied in a creative way has always giving me a good feeling and high degree of satisfaction.  I wasn’t a very good student at school but I always was present and willing to work hard.  After 6 years of studying at the university I earned my master degree in industrial science and technology.  I thought the world was at my feet…

Nope it didn’t!  Once started a job in the corporate world I had to start at the bottom of the career ladder.  I will not go into detail of my professional life at this time but I can tell you that I slowly but surely grew.  My ambition brought me to my current job as head of an after-sales department.  I am proud of my accomplishments and like going to work every day.   I am working long days and exchanging my time for a good salary but I have little time left to profit from life and to do what I really like when I decide to.

At this time I am spending 10-15 hours, mainly in weekends per week to prepare myself to start my own online business.  It allows me to be creative, think out of the box, think differently and work on my personality and digital skills.  On top of that it can be done within a domain you can choose yourself and you are passionate about.  Want to learn more click here.

My main interests are personal development, being creative and creating added value using my bear hands (going from gardening, to painting, to create, to repairs of all kinds, …)  To keep body and mind in balance I am working out to keep in shape, I am a passionate cyclist driving the race- and mountain-bike in the lovely region where I am living.